Monika Zubik graduated from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in 2008, in 2011 she recieved Ph.D. degree from the same University.

She’s research interests are focused on photoprotective strategies in the photosynthetic apparatus of plants. Within the framework of her Ph.D. research topic, Monika applied techniques of molecular spectroscopy to analyse regulatory mechanisms of energy transfer within the pigment-protein complex LHCII. She has experience in isolation of light harvesting complexes from plant material and isolation and purification of photosynthetic pigments using analytical techniques (HPLC, TLC).

 Within the Project MSBMS, Monika will be carrying out research on regulation of photosynthetic antenna function in plants at the molecular level.

 Monika is interested in health lifestyle and in her opinion, the easiest way to keep fit is counting up calories. She is enthusiastic believer in magic properties of dark chocolate (only 25 kcal per one piece). During free time, Monika meets with friends or watches documentary (wide range of subject matter). One who knows her could say that Monika is fan of cleaning and maintaining order (in the lab too).